My Story


I’m Australian but it’s fun if you say that in a Texan accent.

I’m Jenna, a certified life coach helping women get healthy without deprivation or overwhelm. AKA I still drink wine and coffee, love chocolate and don’t exercise every day (or even every week) — and think you should be able to do the same. The only thing I’ve cut out of my diet is restriction, because life is too short to not eat the cheese platter.

I’ve been passionate about health and wellness for almost a decade and now love helping other women find more joy and ease in their lives.

I do this not by focusing on what you are or aren’t eating, but on the mindset-related foundations like getting clear on your values, making your goals specific and do-able, finding ways of staying accountable, building trust with yourself, tuning out your inner critic and going easy on yourself when inevitable bumps in the road pop up.

Apart from everything health-related, I love binge-worthy TV (give me aaaaall the Real Housewives #sorrynotsorry), reading, swimming and I’m a personality-quiz junkie. FYI, I hate running. Doing a marathon would be my worst nightmare. (But if you have this on your bucket list, woohoo! Just don’t expect me to join you.)


My favourite cities are Paris, Amsterdam and Las Vegas (an ecclectic mix, I’ll admit!).

Catch you round, friend.

Jenna x Black


  1. Hi Jenna!
    I am the managing editor of and am hoping you’d be interested in participating in a new feature we are doing monthly.
    Basically, we are contacting various health and wellbeing leaders to offer a chance to blog for the GSC website.
    Could you please email me at so I can have a chat to you about this?
    Athanae Lucev recommended I get in contact with you 🙂


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