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You start a new diet but a few days later a co-worked brings in cupcakes for her birthday, and after eating one you think “well now I’ve messed up, screw it, I’ll start next week”.

You signed up for a gym membership you were definitely going to use this time, but all it does is suck $60 a fortnight out of your bank account.

You tell yourself you’re only going to have two squares of dark chocolate after dinner, but all of a sudden half the block is gone and you feel full, gross and guilty.

You want to wake up early and get into a good morning routine but every morning when your alarm goes off, you can’t help but hit snooze.

Sound familiar?

Sweet friend, I get it. Being healthy can be freakin’ hard.

But here’s a secret no health coach or #cleaneating IG account will tell you:

Getting healthy has nothing to do with spinach and yoga.

I know it sounds crazy, but it doesn’t matter what you eat or how much you work out — you’ll never be healthy if you don’t have the right foundations that set you up for success.

Without these foundations, you’re probably making at least one of the top 5 mistakes I see every day when people try to get healthy:

  1. You’re making goals that don’t match up with what you truly care about
  2. You’re getting bogged down in self-sabotaging thoughts
  3. You haven’t found ways of staying accountable
  4. You feel overwhelmed by starting so you’re stuck in doing nothing
  5. You’re working against your tendencies instead of with them.

To work through these and making meaningful change, I’ve developed the 5 Smart Girl Pillars of Health. Following these, you’ll be able to:

  1. Set clear goals you actually want to follow through on
  2. Tune out that critical voice in your head
  3. Find ways of staying accountable that keep you motivated
  4. Stop procrastinating and take action, ASAP
  5. Work with your natural tendencies in a way that feels easy.

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