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5 Morning Habits to Prioritise Self-Care

Whether you make them a daily habit or just every now and these, these 5 ideas for self-care will set you up for the day.

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1. Make a smoothie with veggies & good fats

Time: 5 mins

Veggies in a smoothie... for breakfast? It sounds weird, but I promise it doesn't taste that way!

Make this easy and nutrient-dense green smoothie in just a few minutes to boost your wellbeing.

Blend ½ small avocado, a handful of spinach, a small piece of zucchini (I use about 1/3 of a medium-sized one – it's completely tasteless), a frozen banana (or fresh one with a few ice cubes), 250ml (8 fl oz / 1 cup) of liquid (I like coconut water or almond milk), and 1T chia seeds. Blend and enjoy.

2. Soak up some morning sun

Time: 10 mins

Getting some sun in the AM not only makes you feel awesome, but did you know it also helps you sleep better?

Early sunlight exposure (i.e. as close to sunrise as possible, but before 10am is fine) regulates our cortisol production (the hormone that affects stress and energy) and melatonin production (the hormone that regulates our sleep/wake cycles).

So give yourself a natural boost by soaking up some rays. 

3. Do an oil pull

Time: 10 mins

Oil pulling is when you swirl around a dollop of oil in your mouth. It’s said to draw out impurities and give your gums and teeth a tip-top cleaning. Instead of just brushing, it’s the equivalent of taking your car to a war wash instead of just hosing it down in your garage.

I use about a tablespoon of coconut oil and do 10 minutes a few times a week. You spit the oil out afterwards (into the bin, not the sink) and clean your teeth as normal, then your mouth is left feeling sooo good. I sometimes add a drop of essential oils for a lovely taste too.

4. Flex your creativity

Time: 10 mins

Add self-care into your day by getting creative, old school style.

Try free drawing (I’m currently obsessed with mandalas), adult colouring in books or painting (my family loves the paint-by-number sets that are all the rage at the moment) for just 10 minutes, and see how much it relaxes you instantly.

5. Have a good stretch

Time: 10 mins

Move your body gently with some light stretching – perfect especially for those days when it seems so hard to roll out of bed.

My fave 10-minute sequence by the legendary Yoga With Adrience is on YouTube here (perfect for beginners). 

Why you need to make time for yourself

The thread that ties these habits together is that they're a way to consciously create moments to prioritise you.

We're all pulled in so many directions – family, kids, work – that unless you deliberately make time for yourself, it's not gonna happen.

But that is something we need to do.

Because making time for self-care isn't selfish. In fact, it's crucial to being the best person, wife, mama and friend you can be.

When you're happy and healthy, that flows onto everything (and everyone) around you.

It's easy to get trapped in the mode of "putting everyone else first is just what you do".

I can't tell you how many clients and friends who've said to me, "Jenna, I'm just in survival mode at the moment. I just have to get through what I can, but I'll have time to do that stuff later." But guess what? "Later" never comes. So I gotta call BS on that.

No-one "has" time for themselves – we all have to make time. Because we're worth making time for.

Our wellbeing is just as important as our husband... our kids... our job... the laundry... the list goes on.

Bonus: 6 self-care mantras

If you find yourself getting stuck in thoughts that aren't helpful, here are some quick mantras to repeat to yourself.

  • Self-care isn't saying "me first", it's saying "me too".
  • I'm a better wife and mum when I take care of myself.
  • When I'm happy and healthy, that flows to everyone around me.
  • I can't pour from an empty cup: I need to fill up my own cup first.
  • No-one has time for themselves; I have to make the time because I'm worth taking care of.
  • Taking care of myself is taking care of my family.

I believe in you,


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