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How to Maintain Your Food Boundaries

If you don't eat a particular food, it can be hard to stand your ground when someone's being pushy about it. ⁠

"Go on, just have one cupcake, they're really good! You're not still on that BS no sugar/gluten/vegan diet, are you?"

If you don't have something prepared to say, it can be really easy to give in, then eat what they're pushing on you, then feel really crappy (physically and mentally) afterwards.⁠

So this doesn't happen, I have a few phrases handy that I have on repeat.


What to say when people push you about food 

Here are my easy favourites:

  • "I choose not to eat that, but thanks anyway."
  • "I don't feed my kids ___, so please don't offer that to them."⁠
  • "As a family we don't eat ___."⁠
  • "We don't eat ___, but you go ahead and enjoy!"⁠

Or just the very basic:⁠

  • "No, thanks."⁠

(Remember: "No" is a complete sentence!)

If anyone probes further, I just keep it simple:⁠

  • "Because that's what I've decided."⁠
  • "Because that's what's best for us."⁠
  • "Because that's the healthiest thing for our family."⁠

You don't have to explain, or justify, or defend yourself. You don't need to convince anyone else that your choices are right for you. They're your choices. ⁠

And remember:⁠ When people try to push food on you, often it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. It makes them confront their own food decisions, which they may not be comfortable with.⁠ So they project their discomfort onto you, hoping you giving in will be a loophole for them to feel okay.⁠

So as a reminder:⁠ You don't have to give in to make anyone else feel comfortable. If you have to choose between making yourself or someone else uncomfortable, choose them. Have the strength and self love to put yourself first. (Because, lovely, you're worth it.)

It's hard at first, but it just takes practice. ⁠

Stand your ground, and people will eventually stop questioning you and accept it. You've got this!

I believe in you,


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