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11 Essential Oils I Use Every Day

When I was younger, essential oils were the domain of my hippie-dippie aunt who didn't eat meat or eggs and whose house smelled "weird". (I realised later she was vegan way before it was a label and the smell was lemongrass being diffused.)

Essential oils came back into my life a few years ago when I started hearing from friends who were using them for everything from baking to weight loss to making their own cleaning products. This seemed pretty radical – they were safe enough to cook with? And they were actually good for me, not just for making a room smell pretty?

I went to a few Tupperware-style parties at friends' homes where I got the low down on these beautiful-smelling-but-still-confusing oils. In all honesty, I was skeptical about them. But as you tend to do at those things, I bought a load of them anyway and promised myself I'd "get into oils" to see what the fuss what about. (FOMO, much?!)

Not surprisingly, the $400-odd assortment of oils sat in my kitchen cupboard. For months.

Apart from using them aromatically (AKA using them in ways you inhale them, like in a diffuser or smelling them directly from the bottle), I had no idea what to do with them.

And I really didn't like the wishy-washy BS like "this oil will really open up your heart." (Erm,what now?)

I started slowly – literally with just one oil, lemon – and once I felt comfortable using that a few different ways, I moved onto a second oil. Then a third... then a fourth... until – I'll admit it – I became hooked.

Why I love essential oils

I've since been using them every day, and continue to be head-over-heels in love:

  • I love how I've replaced chemical-laden cleaning and beauty products with natural alternatives. A less toxic household is good for me and my especially for my growing family.
  • I love how versatile they are – one oil can be used 20 (or more) different ways.
  • I love how they're a gentle reminder to take time out for self care: massage, baths, meditation.
  • I'm constantly blown away how powerful they are: I only need 1 drop on my temples for a headache, or 1 drop to flavour a whole meal.
  • I love the community and support system around the brand I use (Doterra).
  • Lastly, they're just plain fun!

Also I should point out that the brand I use, Doterra, is extremely high quality – I would not use any old supermarket oil or even a lot sold at health food stores.

So below I've shared the 11 oils I now use daily. I never thought I'd be one of those "hippie-dippie oil addicts" – but here I am.

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How to use essential oils every day

I should point out that there are hundreds of ways to use these oils every day, but I've chosen to focus on just the main ones. Otherwise this list would be never-ending!

Pure essential oils I use daily


Lemon is known for its cleansing, revitalising and detoxifying properties. I use it:

  • To detox: First thing in the morning, I add 1 drop to 500ml warm water with a capful of apple cider vinegar. Drinking water + ACV + lemon is so is hydrating, uplifting and good for digestion.
  • For cleaning: It's part of my all-purpose cleaning blend below, plus I add a drop to the kitchen dishcloth and dishwasher every few days.

One of the most precious essential oils, Frankincense is rejuvenating, renewing and beautifying. It's been used throughout history including by the ancient Babylonians in religious ceremonies, by the ancient Egyptians in health and beauty products, and of course in the Bible (as one of the gifts given to baby Jesus with gold and myrrh). It reminds me of going to church when I was younger because that was the scent diffuser during the mass. Because of this it has a beautiful majestic quality to me. I use it:

  • For overall wellness: After breakfast and brushing my teeth, I put a drop under my tongue.
  • For wrinkles and blemishes: After cleaning my face at night, I mix a drop with a few drops of carrier oil across my whole face. (The amazingly ageless Sarah Wilson does the same!)
  • During mini-mediations: When I need to slow down, I rub a drop neat in my hands and inhale deeply for a minute or so.

Cooling and energising, peppermint is one of my favourites. I use it:

  • For nausea: Useful for general nausea, plus for the 8 weeks I was hit with terrible morning sickness! I inhaled it from the bottle for 10-15 seconds while breathing deeply.
  • For headaches: I rub a drop mixed with 1-2 drops carrier oil on my templates when I feel a headache coming on.
  • In baking: I use 2-3 drops in these divine Choc Peppermint Bliss Balls.
  • If I'm feeling stuffy: If I have a sniffly nose or having trouble breathing, I put my thumb on the bottle and invert it, then hold my thumb on the roof of my mouth for about 10 seconds. It immediately makes me feel fresher, more alert, it opens up my nostrils and helps me breath better.
Tea tree

Tea tree oil (also known as melaleuca) is cleansing and purifying. I use it:

  • For blemishes: After cleansing my face at night, I apply the smallest amount to any new pimples I have on my face. Two nights of this stops them progressing or getting redder.
  • In my shampoo: I occasionally add a drop when I wash my hair.

Lavender is calming, soothing and relaxing. Unfortunately I'm allergic to it topically so I stick to diffusing it. I use it:

  • Before bed: I diffuse lavender in the evenings a few hours before bed.
  • On my husband: To help him sleep, I mix a drop with carrier oil and rub it into the soles of feet before bed.

Uplifting and zesty, I use wild orange:

  • As an afternoon pick-me-up: I inhale it from the bottle (at work) or diffuse it (at home) when I get a little tired.
  • In baking: I add 2-3 drops to anything chocolate-related, like muffins or my chocolate mousse.

This is the newest oil in my collection and I adore it. My mum grew geraniums when I was younger so it's an instant childhood flashback! It's sweet and floral. I use it:

  • For moisturising: Since I found out I was pregnant, I've rubbed a few drops of this with a carrier oil into my whole body once or twice a day.
  • In the bath: Nothing's better than a bath with candles, Epsom salts and oils. I love adding geranium and soaking in the tub while watching Real Housewives reading a magazine or listening to a podcast.

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My favourite essential oil blends

Cleaning blend

Natural cleaning products? Yes please. I love using essential oils instead of toxic conventional products around the house. I use it:

  • For all-purpose cleaning. I use the simple recipe of ¼ cup white vinegar, 1¾ cups water and 30 drops of essential oils (in a spray bottle) on hard surfaces in my kitchen and bathroom. I use a mix of tea tree, lemon and eucalyptus. Doterra has lots of recipes for other homemade cleaning products here.
Digestive blend

Doterra's DigestZen blend is made up of seven oils including aniseed, peppermint, ginger and fennel. It promotes healthy digestive and gastrointestinal health. I use it:

  • For digestion and bloating: I rub 1-2 drops plus 3-4 drops carrier oil on my lower stomach every morning. Doing this pre-emptively each morning has helped enormously.
  • For stomach aches: If one comes on, one drop sorts it out astoundingly quickly.
Immunity blend

Doterra's OnGuard blend is made up of six oils including cinnamon and clove. It's deliciously warm and spicy. I use it:

  • When I feel run down or if I'm around someone who's sick, by rubbing 1-2 drops plus 3-4 drops carrier oil into the soles of my feet (usually before bed).
  • When travelling: I rub a drop into my hands, cup them around my nose and mouth, and breathe deeply for a few minutes.
Balancing blend

Doterra's Balance blend includes six flower and leaf oils like chamomile, blue tansy and frankincense. It's designed for "grounding and to balance emotions". I use it:

  • For calming and focusing: I diffuse it on weeknights or weekends around the house, especially when I'm journalling or working on my blog.

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As I've mentioned, that's just a small snippet on how I use these oils. I'm discovering new uses every day, creating new blends every week and get excited about new oils I can add to my collection every month.

With love,


P.S. I'd love to know – what are your favourite oils? And if you had to pick just ONE, which would it be? (Tough, I know!!)