About Me


I’m Australian but it’s fun if you say that in a Texan accent. I’m Jenna Westphal and I am so excited you’ve stopped by my blog.

I live in my hometown of Perth, Western Australia where my husband Ben and I live following a 2-year stint in Edinburgh, Scotland. We moved there on a whim in 2016 to shake things up a bit, and we had the greatest adventure. But when I fell pregnant with our first baby we knew it was time to return home to be among our amazing family and friends.

Our son Connor was born in August 2018 (and we arrived back in Perth 6 weeks later), and I’m loving the motherhood journey so far. Apart from that, I’m a pretty normal 30-something who loves – apart from all things health and wellness – eating (obviously), napping, spending time with my family, being outside, trashy TV (mostly the Real Housewives of New York #sorrynotsorry) and other awesome TV (The Office, Modern Family).

I love being active and enjoy most exercise, especially yoga, swimming and hiking. (Hiking up Arthur’s Seat was one of my favourite things to do regularly in Edinburgh.)  My exception is running… lord help me, I hate running. Doing a marathon would be my worst nightmare.

Professionally I’ve spent over eight years in the communications industry (in various marketing/PR/writing gigs), which I absolutely loved.

In Paris for my 30th birthday. I ate and drank my body weight in croissants and champagne and loved every minute.


I started this blog because I believe there’s a lot of outdated, boring and quite frankly unhelpful information out there about health.

Losing weight isn’t about ‘eating less and moving more’. A meal is not good for us based on the number of calories it has. Good health doesn’t require starving yourself, deprivation, giving up chocolate or slogging it out in the gym 7 days a week.

I believe real health is more holistic, more enjoyable and more achievable than that.

How I can help is by providing practical, simple, achievable strategies in a way that makes you go “this is awesome, I can actually do this” rather than “holy crap, this is totally overwhelming”.

I spent years reading all the right books and watching all the right videos and by buying all the right gear, but it got me nowehere until I figured out the exact things I should be doing every day that would actually make a difference.

This blog is where I share those tips.

If you have any questions, if there’s a post that has resonated with you or you just want to say hi, I’d love to hear from you here on my blog, on Twitter or on my Instagram @jenna.westphal 

Lotsa love to you,

Jenna x Black


  1. Hi Jenna!
    I am the managing editor of greensmoothieco.com and am hoping you’d be interested in participating in a new feature we are doing monthly.
    Basically, we are contacting various health and wellbeing leaders to offer a chance to blog for the GSC website.
    Could you please email me at erienne@greensmoothieco.com so I can have a chat to you about this?
    Athanae Lucev recommended I get in contact with you 🙂


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