Jenna Westphal

Jenna Westphal is fascinated by human behaviour & why we do what we do. Her work & studies intersect psychology, marketing & health.

Jenna specialises in digital content creation and strategic messaging. She is currently working for an Australian-based company that comprises several tech and advertising brands. She is also completing post-graduate studies in psychological science at Deakin University. Combining her loves of psychology and wellness, Jenna has worked as a life coach focusing on confidence and self-acceptance, and has blogged about health for almost a decade. She lives in Perth, Western Australia with her family including young kids. She loves coffee, swimming, hiking, starting books (unfortunately she rarely finishes them, but tells herself the next one will definitely be different...) and coffee (in great quantities).

Update: Since 2021 I've been taking a break from social media. When I have news to share, here's the place to get it.